The 2020 United States presidential election would be a lot less in doubt if the NBA was in charge of deciding the winner…

The 2020 United States presidential election has been an emotional experience for many Americans. This high-turnout election has been filled with plenty of intrigue ever since it became time to count the votes. Many media outlets didn’t feel comfortable declaring a winner until four days after Election Night. The projected victor, democrat Joseph Biden, still only leads by 4.4 million votes nationally as of November 9th.

However, if the election was determined solely by counties that host NBA teams, the race would have given Biden a more decisive victory. He defeated republican incumbent Donald Trump in 27 of the 28 NBA counties, doing so at just over a 2-to-1 ratio.

Check out the chart below to see the vote breakdown by county, NBA division, and NBA conference. These numbers are courtesy of the New York Times and were aggregated on the morning of November 9, 2020. The listed percentages are in relation to the two candidates, thus they do not take third-party votes into account.

What do you think of these results and how they compare to reality? Let me know in the comments below!

TeamCountyWinnerBiden VotesBiden Pct.Trump VotesTrump Pct.
CelticsSuffolk, MABiden252,6610.81955,6990.181
NetsKings, NYBiden514,1330.746174,7310.254
KnicksNew York, NYBiden377,6050.85365,0010.147
76ersPhiladelphia, PABiden570,4180.817127,7230.183
CavaliersCuyahoga, OHBiden402,3150.673195,0890.327
PistonsWayne, MIBiden587,0740.690264,1490.310
PacersMarion, INBiden247,0340.648133,9020.352
BullsCook, ILBiden1,383,3160.740485,8610.260
BucksMilwaukee, WIBiden317,2510.702134,3550.298
WizardsDist. of ColumbiaBiden258,5610.94714,4490.053
HornetsMecklenburg, NCBiden377,3670.678178,8480.322
HawksFulton, GABiden379,0950.735136,7160.265
MagicOrange, FLBiden394,8570.617245,3250.383
HeatMiami-Dade, FLBiden617,6470.537532,7340.463
PelicansOrleans, LABiden147,7290.84726,6450.153
GrizzliesShelby, TNBiden245,2080.654129,5430.346
RocketsHarris, TXBiden911,9740.566699,8220.434
SpursBexar, TXBiden440,8230.592303,8710.408
MavericksDallas, TXBiden597,9750.661306,8290.339
ThunderOklahoma, OKTrump141,7240.494145,0500.506
TimberwolvesHennepin, MNBiden532,3730.721205,8770.279
NuggetsDenver, COBiden283,8160.82659,6100.174
JazzSalt Lake, UTBiden237,1880.576174,9310.424
Trail BlazersMultnomah, ORBiden363,4050.81681,8680.184
KingsSacramento, CABiden287,5070.654151,7760.346
WarriorsSan Francisco, CABiden354,2240.87451,2890.126
SunsMaricopa, AZBiden1,027,2690.512980,4940.488
Clippers & LakersLos Angeles, CABiden2,609,3290.726984,3830.274
Atlantic Div.Biden1,714,8170.802423,1540.198
Central Div.Biden2,936,9900.7081,213,3560.292
Southeast Div.Biden2,027,5270.6471,108,0720.353
EAST CONF.Biden6,679,3340.7092,744,5820.291
Southwest Div.Biden2,343,7090.6151,466,7100.385
Northwest Div.Biden1,558,5060.700667,3360.300
Pacific Div.Biden4,278,3290.6642,167,9420.336
WEST CONF.Biden8,180,5440.6554,301,9880.345